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10 Last Minute Holiday Gifts To Buy An Entrepreneur

Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Gift shopping isn’t easy; you have to think of something unique and yet something that will be useful too. And when it comes to gifting to entrepreneurs, the problem just doubles. What do you give someone who stays busy all the time? What do you give them that matters the most?

Well, it can be a real head-scratcher! But here’s a little help. Here are some of the top last-minute holiday gifts that suits every entrepreneur, be it a new one just setting up their venture or someone who has been there, done that!

For the always-into-business type:

What could be a better gift than a subscription that helps with the business? Online backup from Carbonite, office supplies from Office Depot or a subscription to LivePlan – every one of these ideas will be well-loved.

For the always-on-the-go type:

The ChargeAll portable power outlet will never let you down; be it your laptop, Smartphone or your stereo, this little portable power pack is exactly what any entrepreneur needs to stay on the go. A Coffee Cup Power Inverter is another good choice.

For the coffee-aholics:

Is it coffee that makes your entrepreneur friend going? Well, a subscription to Philz Coffee (Mark Zuckerberg recommends it) or a gift card from Starbucks may be the ideal thing to give them this holiday.

For the health conscious entrepreneur:

One gift that every fitness freak will love is the FitBit Aria! Just get on the scale, and it will send the details such as weight, BMI and fat percentage to the app. It can remember data for up to 8 individuals. And the best part, it rewards with digital badges and awards once you achieve your health goal.

For the music-loving one:

A Prizm smart music player can be an ideal gift. This little pyramid brings the best tunes to suit the individual and the ambience. It quickly learns what type of music you love, and also understands what kind of music to play in a specific environment. 9mm Earphones from Munitio is also a good choice.

For the hip-n-cool type:

Two great choices are available – Smart Watch from Android and Hero4 Black Camera from GoPro. While the watch will be a good one for any entrepreneur, the camera will be best for one that enjoys all the outdoorsy stuff.

For the absent-minded geniuses:

Tile – your forgetful friend will never lose even their keys with this gift! Just attach it to the key ring or stick it to the USB and the Bluetooth will help you track it down from your Smartphone or tablet. It will be able to track 8 things at once, so your friend needn’t bother about losing any little thing anymore.

For the fun-loving entrepreneur:

A gadget to help you mix a great cocktail – sure sounds like fun! Perfect Drink does just that. Just choose a recipe for what you wish to create, place a glass on the scale and it will guide you about what and how much to add. Tipped something more than needed? No worries; the recipe will adjust to suit it!

For the stylish organizer:

Not every entrepreneur’s desk is a mess! If your friend is an organizer, and a chic one, the Pfeiffer Collection by Evernote is a cool choice. The sleek minimalist stands add a touch of elegance to the desk. And if you want something that is a tad more useful too, opt for the wireless printer from Canon.

For the book-loving type:

Book lovers are a little hard to shop for during the holidays. You can’t really buy them their favorite book because they most likely own it already. To make a book lover happy on Christmas you must get a little more creative with your gift selection such as a handy FingerPrint Bookmark. Or a thumb ring page holder on Etsy. For the technologically advanced how about a Kindle Fire HD from Amazon? As always, if you are looking for a quality book that your entrepreneur might not have read yet, check out the latest book previews we have released.

Well what are you waiting for? Get out there and get your shop on! These are just a few last-minute holiday gifts to buy for an entrepreneur, but either way I’m sure whatever you by your favorite entrepreneur for the Holidays will be much appreciated even if it’s another overly used motivational quote from Tony Robbins or Tim Ferriss. From everyone at The EL, we wish you a safe and Happy Holidays!

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