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TEL 245: Live It! with Jairek Robbins


A summary of things you should know about Live It! according to Jairek Robbins:

Introduction (1:19)

I am a best selling author, performance coach, and lifestyle entrepreneur. The last six years of my life have been dedicated to creating a business that allows me to work from my laptop and my cell phone from pretty much anywhere on earth. My main business is performance coaching and I’m proud to say that we’ve been able to live our business from anywhere between a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean to the jungles of Costa Rica. So having that flexibility and freedom to travel the world while still delivering high quality service was always our goal and we’ve been able to successfully do it.

The Book’s Unique Quality (3:39)

What makes it different is that everything in here I actually wrote about half of it 10 years ago and sat down and looked at my life and I looked at what I was teaching and I realized something that a lot of people in this industry don’t quite call themselves out on. I realized that some of which I was sharing wasn’t quite something that I really truly deeply lived in my life thus far. It was a concept I learned about, something I had studied, something I knew and a solution that I had offered another person and seen them get great success with but it’s not something I fully implied in my own life. And when I got gut level honest with myself, I realized that I needed to go do that first. I believe there is a difference between a study or a research project and something you have actually lived because when you’ve lived it you have gritty hands on experience that you can share with someone that is about to go through that process. So what makes this book different is that everything in it I have personally lived myself and have tested it with thousands of different clients.

The Best Way To Engage (6:04)

It’s very simple, it’s an action plan as to how to master yourself as a human being but the way it was designed is chapter one is “How Do You Design the Perfect Day?”- meaning if you could just design one day that was worth more than any amount of money, or fame, or power, or status, what would it be? Once you establish what that day is then chapter two and three help you break it down into an actual step by step plan. Chapters four through eleven prepare you for every step of the journey. And then the final step is once you make that one day a reality then how do you take that and make it your five, ten, and twenty year plan for your life.

The Reader’s Takeaway (22:03)

I guess it would depend on the person. The way the book works you go to the chapter that you need most. I guess if you were going to pick up the book and only read one chapter I would say read chapter one, the ideal day chapter, because I feel like if you can design that perfect day and make it a reality then I have done my job with this book.

A Deep Dive Into The Book (7:50)

The very first chapter is your ideal day vision. So what that looks like is if you were to wake up in the morning to your absolute perfect day…what would be on your mind? What would you see? Who would be with you? Where would you go? What would you do? What would be possible? So it really maps out a variety of ideal days and helps you create an understanding of what the options are and helps you narrow it down for yourself.
Chapters two and three focus on the absolute majors of life. So your health and it helps you get an understanding of where you are and how you rate that. Emotions, emotional strength, the key with this is honestly if you don’t have emotional strength then you don’t have much. You could have a billion dollars, the biggest company in the world, an amazing family, be in super great health, but if you feel emotionally broke on the inside then your life is broke. From there it goes into professional life and relationships and helps you figure out where you currently are and your plan to improve. My belief is that chapters two and three are something someone should really go through once a month and find a plan to get you where you want to be in these areas.
Moving forward, chapter four, now that you have a plan, how do you ignite yourself emotionally to actually do it. This is a big one, I’ve met people that have a lot of dreams and lofty goals but you ask them “what did you do today for that,” and they don’t know. So how do we actually get you to a point where we build up so much emotional rocket fuel that it drives you into action. Then we provide a handful of examples and strategies to get there.
From there, we talk about how to fall in love with hard work. I hate to say it but if you are an entrepreneur and you haven’t figured out the fact that there’s going to be some hard work along the way then you’re probably not that far into your business yet or you’re still dreaming of starting a business. When you’re in the process of attaining your goals there are going to be days when you have to grind and we talk about how you thrive through it.
The next one, chapter six, is your opponents. When you go after your goals there’s going to be opponents. We break these down into three: external opponents (people you do not know or met once or twice), intimate opponents (people you know well), and then your internal opponent or yourself. For each of these opponents we show you how to make it through them using specific formulas to mend relationships and build confidence.
From there, we go through a fun story of a time in my life that I was reminded that there are really no guarantees for tomorrow. So as much as I think my long term plan is the biggest and greatest thing on earth, if I’m not living and taking action today then it doesn’t really matter. So it teaches you as much as you are aiming for this goal and plan and striving for constant growth and improvement, you really have to make the most of today and we show you how to balance those two concepts.
Next there is “get knocked back into the minors.” There’s always a time where you are moving along and making progress and one day you wake up and feel like you’re five steps behind where you started. We show you how to make sure you don’t get caught in this space, how to identify when you have, and then how to immediately get yourself out of it.

NOTE: That was just a summary. To get the full deep dive, play the audio clip at 07:50

Notable Quotes From The Book (23:31)

“Learn it, live it, give it.” -Jairek Robbins

The Credibility/Inspiration Of The Author (2:01)

The inspiration was helping people figure out the level one of live, which is how do you become the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled version of yourself. I meet a lot of people out there that never quite figure themselves out but think “if I can find someone to share my life with then I’ll be whole.” Then you meet that person and their partner and both their lives are kind of all over the place or they’re one of those people that goes out and has a great night and wakes up and graduates to level three and realizes there’s a new baby on the way and they haven’t even figured themselves out or their partner. So my thought was to write a book that shows people how to master themselves as a human being. We focus on all the different major areas of life, your health, your emotions, your finances, your business, everything it really takes to really master who you are as a single individual person and how to become the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled version of yourself.

Other Books Recommended By The Author (24:59)

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

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