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5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Brandon Epstein

Brandon Epstein

Who is Brandon Epstein and what you can learn from him:

Brandon Epstein is a full-time entrepreneur, fitness model, and is the coach and founder of Entrepreneur Fitness. These days, he spends his time teaching other entrepreneurs how to be the best versions of themselves. Most notably Brandon is also the author of “Limitless Energy” and has been successful when it comes to showing people how to have more energy and achieve a higher level of health.

There are five lessons every entrepreneur can learn from Brandon Epstein.

1. Make Time for Exercise

Everyone needs to make time for exercise, no matter how busy they may be. Too many people complain that they don’t have enough time or that they are too tired. Brandon Epstein has heard all of the excuses that are out there and he wants to make sure everyone is well aware of one thing: exercise provides more energy. When there is cardiovascular activities performed, it unlocks the physiology and provides a burst of energy that can be needed to get a person through the rest of the day.

The exercise can be first thing in the morning or in the middle of the day. Often, waking up one hour earlier can be the best way to start off the day – and it will provide more energy to work the long hours that entrepreneurs must often work.

2. Learn the Healthy Foods to Eat

Entrepreneurs will often have power lunches where there is a lot of brainstorming. Connections are made over meals and this is a great way to meet people and close business transactions. What a person orders matters. There are healthy foods, whether they are being cooked in the kitchen or ordered at a restaurant. Learning about the foods that boost energy and don’t cause an energy depletion are critical.

It’s important to know about the starches and how to create a balanced meal. There are a lot of foods that have hidden starches, such as corn and peas. Many people think they are doing right by eating the vegetables, but they are really consuming extra starch. A good rule of thumb is to add color to the plate and this can be done with some leafy vegetables like spinach or kale.

3. Meditation Is Great for Entrepreneurs

Meditation is not just for the “New Age” people or the hippies. Brandon Epstein learned about meditation many years ago and it has helped to shift his mindset and release stress. When the body and mind is less stressed, the body uses less energy and there is a more personalized state of flow – one that works specifically for the individual.

There are visual and audio cues that can be used for meditation and it is of the utmost importance to take the time to meditate throughout the day. This can be as a way of establishing a mental center when everything is chaotic. Sometimes it is just about making the time to close the door, close the eyes, and focus on what’s going on. The deeper a person goes, the more it can help to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

4. Energy is Limitless

An important lesson that every entrepreneur needs to learn is that energy is limitless. There are too many business professionals that walk around sipping coffee and performing like zombies because they have allowed their energy levels to get dangerously low – and this is not only bad for productivity but bad for one’s health as well.

Energy is limitless and there’s a Zen-like approach known as Zentivate that allows individuals to tap into all of the stored energy more effectively. This will lead to more synchronization and a boost in one’s spirit. It’s a combination of exercise, eating right, getting enough sleep, meditating, and simply being in tune with one’s body. It’s an easy concept to grasp as soon as one learns what is involved.

5. Envision the Change

Vision boards have grown in popularity because they allow people to envision the change they want to see in their lives. Such tools are not foreign to Brandon Epstein. He envisions the changes he wants to see in his life and this allows him to pursue them more effectively. This is one of the lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from him. The only way to create change is to see it – and many people need to have a clear path to figure out how to make this happen.

The change that one envisions can take on many shapes. It can include how a person wants a sexier body, more clients, a more refined sales approach, better networking skills, or anything else. Change can also occur across the board in multiple categories.

Entrepreneurial coaching allows people to become the best versions of themselves. Brandon Epstein is available for coaching, where people learn how to transform their body, mind, and ultimately their life in order to succeed in all areas. For more information on the Entrepreneur Fitness Academy click here to learn all about it.

More Information About Brandon

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