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5 Unique Podcasts for Entrepreneurs in August 2014

Unique Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

When it comes to learning new things whether it be developing new tactics, strengthening skill sets, or simply following a passion, us entrepreneurs have our own unique resources.

At The Entrepreneurs Library books are not our only “go-to” resource for new information and success stories. Like many other entrepreneurs, my team and I turn to other podcasts to fulfill our needs for tactics, advice, and even entertainment.

As a monthly resource for you, we have compiled a list of 5 unique podcasts for entrepreneurs in August 2014. There is no statistical reasoning behind our selection; we just found these shows to be very informative, interesting, and unique for all types of entrepreneurs.

1) Big Wig Nation with Darrin Bentley.

Big Wig Nation with Darrin Bentley

Are you an entrepreneur seeking a wealth of knowledge and insight from some of the greatest minds of today. Darrin Bentley speaks with Thought Leaders, Passion Based Entrepreneurs, Best-Selling Authors, Speakers, Artists, Musicians and so much more. If you have a knack for inspiration and motivation this podcast is perfect for you and will help transform you into a “big wig.”

Recommended Listen: Episode #3 – Garret J White

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2) Fitpro Inferno with Steve De La Torre

Fitpro Inferno with Steve De La Torre

Are you an entrepreneur who is driven by a passion and mission to make the world a healthier place? Fitness professional and entrepreneur, Steve de la Torre hosts the perfect podcast for learning what mistakes to avoid, proactive steps to take, and how to simplify the path to success in life. By interviewing highly successful fitness professionals, Steve brings you the real-life stories of their struggles and their secrets to success.

Recommended Listen: Episode #28 – Robert Greene: NY Times Best Selling Author

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3) Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Are you an entrepreneur with burning passion for automobiles? Automotive enthusiast, Mark Greene takes you on an incredible ride through the lives of very successful automotive entrepreneurs who live and die by the wheel. Mark’s interviews are known to be very inspirational and give you an exclusive look “under the hood” of some unique business practices.

Recommended Listen: Episode #36 with Wayne Carini

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4) A Congruent Life with Andy Gray

A Congruent Life with Andy Gray

Are you an entrepreneur who is purely driven of incredible stories of success? A Congruent Life, hosted by Andy Gray, is a very unique podcast featuring the inspirational stories of ordinary entrepreneurs who do extraordinary things. Andy takes you on a journey into the lives of people who are discovering their passions while living average yet amazing lives.

Recommended Listen: Episode #50 with Heather Thorkelson

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5) Podcast Junkies with Harry Duran

Podcast Junkies with Harry Duran

Are you an entrepreneur who has a secret passion for podcasts? Harry Duran’s show is the perfect place to learn how to create, grow, and market your very own podcast. Aside from his efforts in helping listeners relieve some of the headaches that come with podcasting, Harry interviews podcasters that share exclusive stories and secrets about the podcasting business.

Recommended Listen: Episode #7 with Elsie Escobar

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Do you have a podcast that you would like us to listen to and possibly share on The EL? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Cody Faldyn

Cody is a blogger, social media specialist, graphic designer, and the Marketing Evangelist behind The Entrepreneurs Library. With a long time passion for personal growth, Cody helped create a website and podcast with the intent to educate aspiring entrepreneurs on the latest and greatest books on business growth and personal development.

  • http://www.bigwignation.com/ Darrin Bentley

    Thank you very much featuring BWN, Wade! Much appreciated!!

  • Brian Wright

    Hi there! I love Darrin Bentley’s show, so I am glad you are highlighting it. I have a show called Success Profiles Radio. I interview entrepreneurs, personal development experts, and authors about their journeys to success and the obstacles they overcame. Previous guests have included Tom Ziglar, Jeffrey Gitomer, Eric Lofholm. Sharon Lechter, Debbie Allen, Dr John Demartini, Todd Falcone, and more. Visit http://www.successprofilesradio.com to learn more. Thanks!

  • Andy Gray

    Very cool – big thanks for featuring A Congruent Life, Wade! And great choices on the other quality podcasts!