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A Preview of Think and Grow Rich with Don M Green

Think and Grow Rich

A summary of things you should know about Think and Grow Rich according to Don Green


In this episode Don Green, director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, shares his exclusive insights into Think and Grow Rich, the original landmark bestseller for all business people. This book is a must have and is perfect for entrepreneurs, business executives, and owners who are searching for the secrets on how to become rich. Green unveils the inspiration behind Napoleon Hill’s motives and gives you a complete deep dive into the main concepts for real business success.

The Book’s Unique Quality

He was the first to write about this and I know a lot of authors who write about the same thing but practically everyone you look at has the bases of Napoleon Hill.

The Best Way To Engage

Napoleons books are the type that you plan and work as you read through it.

The Reader’s Takeaway

Napoleon would want us to learn how to think and that’s what the whole book is about. For every situation that comes up, to use our imagination, make plans and persist. So many people think that getting an education is about memorizing a bunch of material but if you went to school long enough to just learn how to think then you can get the information that you’re seeking. Our motto is to make the world a better place for each to live.

A Deep Dive Into The Book

The book starts out with Thought or Things and that simply means that everything begins in our thought process, it’s a thought before it’s a thing. You can have a thought that never materializes because we never really think about it.

The second chapter is on desire and desire is basically what you want out of life. Napoleon tells us that at the starting point of all achievement are definiteness of purpose and I think that is lacking in most people.

The third chapter is on faith and to me it’s very interesting because Napoleon talks about visualization and a lot of this material he uses would come back from the bible.

In chapter four Napoleon talks about Auto-suggestion, what we say to ourselves is extremely important because it stirs our subconscious mind. We don’t want to tell people that we are broke or use this negative self-explanation because it’s real easy for it to come apart of us.

Chapter five is on Specialized Knowledge and is extremely important because to really achieve goodness, you have to stand out in a particular area. Specialized knowledge is what big money is paid for and what brings recognition.

Chapter six is Imagination – The Workshop of The Mind. In this chapter Napoleon tells us how to use imagination and what can become of it.

Chapter seven is about Organize Planning in which Napoleon says it is putting your desire into action. You have to plan and then execute the plan but it doesn’t always mean the plan goes exactly like you intended. This chapter will show you exactly how to do just that.

The fourteenth chapter is called The Sixth Sense – The Door to the Temple of Wisdom. It’s important that we recognize that we don’t have to have all the answers because nobody does and it’s possible to get them from other sources with having an open mind.

The fifteenth chapter of Think and Grow Rich is called How to Outwit the Six Ghost of Fear. Napoleon says that the biggest of all six fears is the fear of poverty and most end up with this fear because of their thought process.

Notable Quotes From The Book

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” by Napoleon Hill

The Credibility/Inspiration Of The Guest

I come from banking and finance background of 38 years and I was a bank president for 28. While I was president of the bank I contacted Napoleon Hill Foundation when they invited me to come up and have dinner with them. It was then that I was invited to be a board member of the foundation. Around the year of 2000 the previous executive director asked me to take over and it’s worked out just wonderful ever since.

Napoleon was in law school at Georgetown University when he had the big idea of writing to cover expenses for him and his brother. It was then that he got a job with Bob Taylor magazine and Napoleon covered multiple newsworthy stories. He was challenge by Andrew Carnegie to go interview successful men and women to find out why some people were successful. This is what he spent the best portion of his life doing and didn’t just write about them but answered the questions that everyone wanted answers to.

Other Books Recommended By The Guest

Grow Rich with Peace of Mind by Napoleon Hill

More Information About This Book and The Author

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Visit NapHill.org to learn more about Don, The Napoleon Hill foundation, and the book

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