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7 Secrets to Running a Business While Traveling

Running A Business While Traveling

7 Secrets to Running a Business While Traveling

Living the life of a ‘digital nomad’ seems to be the trend these days. But it’s harder to maintain than you think. Do you really have the will power to say no to a skiing adventure in Vermont or a ballooning opportunity in Greece and sit down to work on your laptop instead? Most don’t!

Even if you think it’s the perfect life, it is fraught with hurdles too. It’s very important to focus and remember to work on your business while you travel. Running a business while traveling requires some acquired skillsets and will take a significant amount of learning in advance.

To prepare yourself for running a business while traveling, here are some pointers I learned that will help you become an entrepreneur on the go:

1) Plan ahead.

Instead of planning for a year, do it for a week. And try to adhere to your schedule. At times, you are sure to keep the task at hand for later and go on a hike. But keep to your plans as much as possible. Also, set smaller goals that you need to achieve within a short period, and that will lead to the larger objective.

2) Identify when you work best.

While some work best in the morning, others are more productive at the late hours. Track your daily routine for a week to learn when you perform best. And keep those hours for work. A 9-5 schedule doesn’t work for everybody; and working without being productive is just a waste of time and effort.

3) Stay at a place for a considerable period.

If you plan to stay at Bali for a week, you’ll always be in a rush to see and do as much as you can. And such a rush is sure to hamper your work. But if you plan to be at Bali for a month or two, you will have ample time to explore the place and it won’t affect your work either.

4) Be sure about Internet connectivity.

No entrepreneur on the go can become successful if they fail to find a place where the Wi-Fi works fine. Imagine what a nightmare it will be if you lose connectivity just before a video chat with a potential client. So, before you check into a place to stay, check Wi-Fi availability.

5) Learn to say no.

It’s often hard to resist the temptation of a new experience. But at times when your business needs you, the wise thing to do is to postpone it. The same applies to work as well. If a communication isn’t going anywhere, it’s better to end it. When you have so much to see and do, you just can’t waste a moment.

6) Keep an open mind.

Every experience you have helps you gain an insight into the world around you. And when you keep your mind open to them, you can learn from each. Roxanne Genier of Agence:Luxury learned what makes ‘luxury’ craftsmanship unique from the Mayan women on her visit to Guatemala.

7) Be proactive.

Don’t wait for anything to happen and then plan your step. Instead, take the initiative. It will help you achieve more, both as an entrepreneur and a traveler. If focusing on a certain area of your business seems essential, do it now. After all, it’s your call to keep it running even when you are traveling.

Living the life of a digital nomad comes with its perks. But it also comes with its challenges. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur even on the go, you need to hone your time management and planning skills.

Recommended books for running a business while traveling:

The Suitcase Entreprenuer by Natalie Sisson
Lifestyle Entrepreneur by Jesse Krieger
Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker
Work Simply by Carson Tate
Get Paid for Your Pad by Jasper Ribbers

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