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A Preview of Disruption by Design with Paul Paetz

Disruption by Design

A summary of things you should know about Disruption by Design according to Paul Paetz:


In this episode Paul Paetz takes a deep dive into his book, Disruption by Design where he shows you how to create products that disrupt and then dominate markets.

In his book Paetz provides a handbook of lessons that describe the differences in innovation techniques as well as examples from successful innovators that have disrupted markets and ones that should have but failed. The goal of this book is to teach you how disruption happens, where to look for disruptive opportunities, what it takes to be disruptive, and how to market disruptive products.

This book is perfect for entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs who have ideas big enough to change the way we live, but need help developing and launching their product into a specific market.

The Book’s Unique Quality (5:29)

In Disruption by Design I have my own outline of methodology for predicting when disruption is likely and I provide a how-to guide that walks you through building a product, marketing strategy, and a business model that will enable your company to be disruptive. It’s also the only all in one book that summarizes everything from the theory, to prediction, to the practical how-to information and then gives you tips on how to stay on top after you’ve succeeded.

The Best Way To Engage (6:28)

It has been written in a way that there is a flow from one section to the next but you can also jump in and out where needed.

The Reader’s Takeaway (10:16)

The key idea is that you can design a company and a product to be disruptive and if you understand what the causal factors. If you follow these steps and design your business model correctly anybody can build a disruptive innovation from the ground up.

A Deep Dive Into The Book (8:32)

I hope entrepreneurs and innovators get a solid understanding of what causes disruption and how to do it on purpose.
The first section of the book is primarily about summarizing the theory and how to predict disruption.

The second section is the nuts and bolts of creating the product and marketing strategy and business model. I identify job to be done theory and how you identify products. And then I run through all the key marketing strategy points of segmentation position, pricing strategy, and so on.
And the third section is about what to do after you put the strategy in place and you’ve started to succeed at disruption.

NOTE: That was just a summary. To get the full deep dive, play the audio clip at 08:32

Notable Quotes From The Book (10:44)

“The product is what you are for not what you do.” – Paul Paetz

The Credibility/Inspiration Of The Author (0:41)

I have been in the technology business over 30 years now and the first 2/3rd of that I was at a number of different startups and companies. I went out on my own after that and started a marketing services company and then joined a friend who was building a company providing services in disruptive innovation. From there I started Innovative Disruption which is a company that I run today providing services to disrupters and companies facing disruption.

There are a ton of books out today on disruption and most of what you see in the media is incorrect. The majority of startups aren’t in a position to afford my services and I think anybody can afford the $30 that the book cost.

Other Books Recommended By The Author (12:10)

The Innovator’s Solution by Clayton Christensen

More Information About This Book and The Author

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