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7 Unique Styles Of Entrepreneurs

7 Unique Styles Of Entrepreneurs

7 Unique Styles Of Entrepreneurs

What makes an entrepreneur? The ability to transform an idea or innovation into a successful enterprise is what distinguishes a style of an entrepreneur. But, unlike what you may think, not all entrepreneurs are created equal.

Different approaches, different goals, different attitudes make different entrepreneurs. And the differences may not be as pronounced at all times. The question is – do you know which kind of entrepreneur you are?

Before you find out the answer, let’s take a look at the 7 unique styles of entrepreneurs:

Wannabes – Well, they always want to get out of their regular work life and make something big. But that is all they do – they theorize. Wannabe entrepreneurs are always full of ideas about how they can make money only if they had some funds or resources.

The basic idea behind their grand schemes is to get out of their life as an employee at an organization. They are lured by the enticement of freedom, choice and success; but without the capabilities and skills, they always remain where they are.

Survivalists – When it is all about survival, little or no long-term benefits can be achieved. And this is exactly what happens to this category of entrepreneurs. They work just to keep their ventures afloat.

Be it a shop selling trinkets and accessories or a professional offering plumbing service, if they don’t have any long-term goals, they will just survive on their daily earnings. And never turn their efforts into a successful venture.

Managers – It’s good to have some experience of working in a startup before you venture out on your own. But if you are stuck in that role, you will never work on your business; you will always work in it instead.

The focus of managerial entrepreneurs is on the day-to-day work of the entire team. And they fail to pay attention to the other important aspects of it. And that’s why their businesses remain good, but never become great.

Innovators – If you can think on your feet, you have the ability to face and handle different, and difficult, situations. An innovator can do this. When Edison said “I haven’t failed, I’ve found 10,000 ways that don’t work”, he meant it.

The attitude is what distinguishes an innovator from a failure. Even Bill Gates failed with his initial venture Traf-O-Data. But he didn’t give up, and went on to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all times.

Revolutionaries – What is your goal as an entrepreneur? It’s good to focus on how you can change the world. But as an entrepreneur, you have to focus on other, and more, urgent issues at hand.

For an entrepreneur, it is important to pay attention to profits. And then you have all the opportunity to focus on the good to mankind. But if you take the other way round, you are in for some serious trouble.

Calculators – In a similar fashion, if your sole focus is on the money you make, you’ll soon be swallowed up by the figures. Ending up like Uncle Scrooge thinking about profits won’t be such a nice thing, after all.

The best idea is to maintain a rational balance. Don’t get it wrong; it’s important to get profits if you wish to succeed as an entrepreneur. But it’s also important to focus on the other points such as innovation in products, betterment of services, and so on.

Opportunists – It doesn’t sound too good. But it is perhaps the best approach you can take to be a successful entrepreneur. These entrepreneurs think about the chief reason behind their desire – many love the freedom to do what they want.

They also consider the chances of success of their idea or innovation. And then look for opportunities to make an entrance into the specific industry and the niche. And once they find it, they follow a stepwise process to turn their idea into a successful endeavor.

Lifestyle entrepreneurs do what they love and love what they do and become successful.

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