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The Advantages of Technology in the Life of an Entrepreneur

advatages of technology

The Advantages of Technology in the Life of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are the driving force that keeps our economy rolling. But the life of an entrepreneur is not that rosy. They have to take an insane amount of risk, swim against the tide and have to come up with new ideas to emerge as successful entrepreneurs. As evident, managing all these different activities simultaneously is immensely tough. Just like any other human beings, Entrepreneurs are also in need some assistance so that they can do their job in an efficient way. Thanks to the massive advancement in the field of technology in the past few decades, lives of the entrepreneurs have become much easier. Here in this article, let’s take a look at how the advantages of technology can play an important part in entrepreneurship:

What good is a business if nobody knows about it? Every entrepreneur knows it very well that the message of their business organizations need to be delivered to their targeted audience at any cost. Unless people know about your product or service, you simply can’t expect your business to survive for long.

Distributing leaflets, participating in events, talking with people on the street etc are definitely effective but it will need lot of manpower and money. Thanks to technology, we don’t have to knock on every door that comes along the way. We can try Mailchimp instead. It is cool way to send newsletters to your customers. Maybe you should try Google Ads to reach out to customers when they are searching on the web or browsing other websites.

Market Research
Market research is the best way to understand what your targeted audience actually want and avoid a disaster. Without a proper market study, you will find yourself tasked with the job of selling refrigerator to Eskimos.

Traditional market research methods are still effective and should never be replaced with online tools. However, going out in the street, meeting people, asking for their opinions, getting them filled out long form etc is really tough these days given the fact that most people are extremely busy these days.

So, let’s take a short route. You can do some market research online by using Google Global Market Finder. You can do market research by country or by language. The tool gives you a fair idea about how many people are searching with a term in a specific region. Say for example, if nobody is searching for ‘solar cooker’ in a locality, it means that not many people are interested in it. However, if your product is unique, this tool might not prove this much effective.

Social Media
Since you are an entrepreneur, you have to stay connected to other influential people on different social media channels. Also you need to keep these channels updated whenever you can. Now, managing all these different social channels is too much to handle for an entrepreneur. Try Ping.fm to manage all your social media accounts instead. It comes loaded with a single control panel. It can be integrated with Facebook and Twitter seamlessly, which is an added advantage.

Tracking the tasks at hand, meeting deadlines etc are very difficult because of the hectic lifestyle we are leading. You might find yourself lost and may miss out on deadline. Probably, you are in need of Basecamp – a cool project management collaboration tool. This tool has been embraced by both big and small businesses around the world. Basecamp is inarguably affordable, easy to use and intuitive. It helps you keep track on things and also allows other people to collaborate with you.

So, it would not be off the mark to say that the advantages of technology are shaping the lives of the entrepreneurs and also the way, they used to work. Embrace it and you will be okay.

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