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A Preview of The Responsible Entrepreneur with Carol Sanford

The Responsible Entrepreneur

A summary of things you should know about The Responsible Entreprenur according to Carol Sanford


In this episode Carol Sanford shares her insights on a special breed of entrepreneurs. In her book, The Responsible Entrepreneur, Sanford gives you the framework to make a difference in the way your business affects the world and maps the journey through 4 archetypes: Realizing Entrepreneurs, Reconnection Entrepreneurs, Reciprocity Entrepreneurs, and Regenerative Entrepreneurs. The Responsible Entrepreneur is the perfect book for entrepreneurs looking to pursue world-changing results or significantly impact investors.

The Book’s Unique Quality

This book is really about stepping up to how you put a dent in the universe and do it in a way that you have phenomenal business. How you take the traditional entrepreneur energy, the social mission and you make it possible to make these quantum changes in industries, social systems, belief systems and even how we govern.

The Reader’s Takeaway

I do something called making promises beyond ableness. That is what you might say the summary of this book is about. Making promises beyond ableness means you have to grow and learn but you promise to do something that might not happen if you don’t do it. All of the ten stories I tell in this book show you how that is possible in every person alive.

A Deep Dive Into The Book

It’s broken up primarily in three sections, the first one I talk about 3 icons and tell you short stories about their successes. The second part is two chapters for each of the four archetypes. One is the four pillars that I use as the themes in my research and my practice, these are all stories I have been involved with for years. It shows first the pillars and then goes through the details of two entrepreneur’s lives of how they lived it out and exactly what they did. The third section I took one business and showed how it played out all four archetypes because the archetypes aren’t you, you don’t become an archetype, you use it. The second archetype that I renamed is the realization archetype. This archetype is about reality and how it is that you become much more grounded in reality and you figure out how to fight what’s worth fighting for. The third archetype I call the reciprocity entrepreneur. In this section of the book I share stories about Oprah. Oprah has taught us so much about our racism and how we exclude people. It makes us look at the wholeness or lack of wholeness of our beliefs and how those need to be rethought. The final archetype I call the regenerative entrepreneur. The summary of this book is how to use these four archetypes to regenerate a tribe, a nation, a business. The last chapter is putting that all together and showing it how it all works as one.

Notable Quotes From The Book

“Entrepreneurism isn’t for a rare few who are born with it; it is a fire waiting to be lite in all of us.” – Carol Sanford

“If you want to operate from a place of creative freedom you have to take on defining the game itself and changing the rules for everyone.” – Carol Sanford

The Credibility/Inspiration Of The Author

I have written several book, the most recent is The Responsible Business and the new one we are talking about today is The Responsible Entrepreneur. I used to be a professional improvisational performer and standup comic.

There are two intersections in my own personal life experience. One is the clients, colleagues and students in universities where I teach that I have seen doing things that I knew at the level of entrepreneurship was possible for everyone to do but it always showed up in magazines in a very funny way. The other thing that was an intersection was I was raised closely by my maternal grandfather who is a descendant of the tribe of Mohawk survivors and he passed along the stories to me of how they rebuilt the nation based on four archetypes that he was exposed to. I saw how I could really explain what was going on with my clients and these amazing leaders in a way that entrepreneurs could take on much bigger change and pull more together than they knew was possible.

Other Books Recommended By The Author

The Starfish and the Spider by Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom

More Information About This Book and The Author

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Buy The Responsible Entrepreneur by Carol Sanford on Amazon today

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