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Latest Books For Entrepreneurs in July 2014

Latest Books For Entrepreneurs In July 2014

Latest Books For Entrepreneurs in July 2014

The Entrepreneurs Library presents the latest books for entrepreneurs in July 2014. These books are brand new to the market and the authors are in line to share their insights with me. Stay tuned for the release of these great episodes coming soon.

Pitching and Closing by Alexander Taub and Ellen DaSilva

Pitching & Closing gives you concrete action steps for mastering the specific skill set today’s business-development professionals need to define their roles and meet revenue expectations. Written in practical terms by playmakers at Twitter and SocialRank, this A-to-Z guide walks you through forging relationships, pitching a company’s product, building a network, sourcing deals, making rejection positive, and staying cool while closing large deals. Firsthand accounts from business development executives across many industries, from tech to television to finance, bring to life such topics as:

  • How to consistently identify and land the best strategic alliances for your business
  • Why people say “yes” and why they say “no”
  • Etiquette for making introductions and reaching out to people in ways that elicit responses
  • Monitoring core metrics to know where to invest your time
  • This book is a must-read for anyone in the business of transforming professional relationships into powerful strategic partnerships.” — Adam Bain, President of Global Revenue at Twitter

    Learn more about Alex Taub | Buy Pitching and Closing on Amazon

    Startup Mixology by Frank Gruber

    Startup Mixology is first and foremost a book about turning your ideas into action. From the cofounder of media company Tech Cocktail, a veteran entrepreneur and investor who was named one of the most connected people in tech, this book covers the basic “ingredients” of winning entrepreneurship. No abstract theories here — it shows you how to tackle everything from idea generation to launch to marketing to funding and how to start getting things done.

    Once you’ve taken that first step, the journey has only begun. Startup Mixology tells it like it is — and it’s not easy! You’ll learn about the harsh reality of starting up: what happens when you offend your customers, get no attention, or run out of money. These are the stories you don’t always hear in the media.

    Frank Gruber’s Startup Mixology is a clear and thoughtful distillation of what it takes to take an idea and turn it into a business. I encourage entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to read this book and apply its lessons.” —Steve Case, Chairman and CEO, Revolution, Cofounder, AOL, and Chairman, Case Foundation

    Learn more about Frank Gruber | Buy Startup Mixology on Amazon

    How to Succeed in 12 Months by Serena Star Leonard

    How to Succeed in 12 Months: Creating a Life You Love is your ultimate guide to turning your dreams into reality. Author Serena Star-Leonard is living the dream herself, having practiced what she preaches. In the book, she shares the secrets behind figuring out the steps that will get you the life you’ve always wanted, and taking those steps in leaps and bounds. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but a one-year plan to stepping out of your rut and into your most fulfilling life. Star-Leonard provides a roadmap to:

  • Breaking your dreams into small, actionable steps
  • Eliminating excuses and gaining confidence
  • Prioritizing your goals for better planning
  • Designing your lifestyle around your interests
  • Learn more about Serena Star-Leonard | Buy How to Succeed in 12 Months on Amazon

    Walk Away Wealthy by Mark Tepper

    In Walk Away Wealthy, Mark Tepper–a leading authority on wealth management and financial planning for entrepreneurs–shows you how to build a strong exit plan, an absolute requirement if you hope to get the full value from a sale. Tepper’s twelve secrets debunk myths and deliver practical advice as he walks you through what most people don’t know (or refuse to believe) about the process of planning their exit. And although it’s best to start planning the exit as early as possible, the book also delivers advice for those who may have waited too long and feel lost in the face of a rapidly approaching sale.

    Selling the business you worked so hard to build can be a confusing and intimidating proposition. Let Mark Tepper clear away the misconceptions, steer you clear of common mistakes, and help you walk away wealthy!

    Walk Away Wealthy is loaded with practical ideas you can use to maximize the value of your business – to yourself and to the person you sell it to.” – Brian Tracy, Author of Now, Build A Great Business

    Learn more about Mark Tepper | Buy Walk Away Wealthy on Amazon

    The Responsible Entrepreneur by Carol Sanford

    The Responsible Entrepreneur offers a blueprint for this new kind of business leadership, describing the means by which any entrepreneur can pursue a higher order of work. In it, Carol Sanford, one of the most trusted names in responsible business development, brings her vast expertise in helping executives and corporations to the entrepreneur looking to launch and scale a venture. She maps this journey through four archetypes:

  • The Realizing Entrepreneur: Industry Game-Changer
  • The Reconnection Entrepreneur: Society Game-Changer
  • The Reciprocity Entrepreneur: Culture Game-Changer
  • The Regenerative Entrepreneur: Governance Game-Changer
  • For entrepreneurs seeking to pursue world-changing results, or impact investors looking to align their capital with their values, The Responsible Entrepreneur provides the frameworks to build a business and to evaluate and direct investments to create the greatest benefit for all stakeholders.

    Carol Sanford has produced a profound but simple framework for understanding and unleashing entrepreneurial talent. Offering unique insight into four types of entrepreneurship and the domains in which they provide the most leverage, The Responsible Entrepreneur will feed the entrepreneurial spirit and catalyze it toward more meaningful impact in the world.” — Lara Lee, SVP, customer experience design, Lowe’s Home Improvement, and former VP, Harley-Davidson

    Learn more about Carol Sanford | Buy The Responsible Entrepreneur on Amazon

    What are you reading this month? Feel free to comment below or engage with me on Facebook and Twitter.

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