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Latest Books for Entrepreneurs in April 2015

Latest Books For Entrepreneurs

A Quick Look at 5 of the Latest Books for Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurs Library presents some of the latest books for entrepreneurs in April 2015. These books are brand new to the market and the authors are in line to give a thorough deep dive of their books. Stay tuned this month for the release of the interviews with these great books and their authors. Below is an overview of what Amazon has to say about these books:

1) The Self-Made Billionaire Effect by John Sviokla

The Self-Made Billionaire Effect breaks down the five critical habits of mind of massive value-creators, so you can learn how to identify, encourage, and retain such individuals—and maybe even become one yourself.

Drawing on extensive research and interviews, the authors concluded that many of the myths perpetuated about billionaires are simply not true. These billionaires aren’t necessarily smarter, harder working, or luckier than their peers.

The key difference is what the authors call the “Producer” mind-set, in contrast with the far more pervasive “Performer” mind-set. Performers strive to excel in well-defined areas, and are important. But Producers are critical to any company looking to create massive value because they redefine what’s possible, rather than simply meeting preexisting goals and standards.

“The first billion is the hardest. I know from experience. If you are interested in giving it a shot, The Self-made Billionaire Effect is a good starting point. Great research. Great stories. Great opportunity.”
T. Boone Pickens, Chairman, BP Capital Management

“A fabulous profile of value creation that all organizations need to ponder as they build talent for the future.”
Thomas Colligan, former Vice Dean and Director, Aresty Institute of Executive Education, The Wharton School

Learn more about John Sviokla | Buy The Self-Made Billionaire Effect on Amazon

2) Mindsharing: The Art of Crowdsourcing by Lior Zoref

In Mindsharing, Lior Zoref offers proven guidelines for applying what he calls “mind sharing” in new ways. For instance, he shows how a mother’s Facebook update saved the life of a four-year-old boy, and how a manager used LinkedIn to create a year’s worth of market research in less than a day.

Whether we need to make better financial choices, find the love of our life, or transform our career, crowdsourcing is the key to making quicker, wiser, more objective decisions. Zoref reveals how crowdsourcing has the ability to supercharge our thinking and upgrade every aspect of our lives.

Lior Zoref knows the research and makes useful reference to it throughout the book, but he doesn’t pretend to be offering a survey of group psychology. Instead, he gets down to practical matters, like how readers can harness the power of the crowd by frequently updating their LinkedIn profiles and knowing what not to ask their Facebook friends.

Learn more about Lior Zoref | Buy Mindsharing on Amazon

3) Doing Good by Doing Good by Peter Baines

Consumers are now expecting that big businesses with ever-increasing profits give back to the community from which those profits arise. At the same time, shareholders are demanding their share and are happy to see dividends soar. Getting this right is a balancing act, and Doing Good by Doing Good helps companies delineate a plan of action for getting it done.

Doing Good by Doing Good shows companies how to improve the bottom line by implementing an engaging, authentic, and business-enhancing program that helps staff and business thrive. The case studies in this book draw out the companies that are focusing on creating shared value in meeting the challenges of society whilst at the same time bringing strong economic returns.

You will learn how to:

    • Define an effective CSR strategy that promotes better business and makes a real impact
    • Understand the current landscape to evaluate the CSR options that are right for your company
    • Understand why corporate philanthropy is no longer enough
    • Identify the hard and soft key performance indicators that help keep your program on track

“Baines makes a highly practical contribution to how the best businesses create value by having a more positive social impact. And considering his track record of actually doing so, who better to listen to.”
Peter Sheahan, author, founder and CEO of ChangeLabs

“Peter Baines has correctly written that innovation and a sense of the entrepreneurial spirit are the key to the future, irrespective of industry or academic discipline. This is advice offered at an important time in our collective search for best practices and the truth.”
William E. Strickland Jr, President and CEO, Manchester Bidwell Corporation

Learn more about Peter Baines | Buy Doing Good by Doing Good on Amazon

4) Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work by Todd Henry

Die Empty is a tool for people who aren’t willing to put off their most important work for another day. Todd Henry explains the forces that keep us in stagnation, and introduces a process for instilling consistent practices into your life that will keep you on a true and steady course.

Todd Henry shows how to cultivate the mindset and the methods you need to sustain your enthusiasm, push through mental barriers, and unleash your best work each day. Sure to bring a newfound clarity and a sense of urgency to how you approach your work every day, Die Empty will help you reach for and achieve the following:

    • Define Your Battles: Counter aimlessness by defining your goals wisely and build your life around achieving them.
    • Be Fiercely Curious: Prevent boredom from dulling your senses by approaching your work with a curious mindset.
    • Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: Make a valuable contribution to the world by getting uncomfortable and embracing lifelong growth and skill development.

“One of the best books of the year. Passionate, practical and powerful, Todd will help you do more and do it better, starting right now.”
Seth Godin, author of The Icarus Deception

“A simple, masterful manual for leading a fulfilled life. I couldn’t put it down. Bravo, Todd Henry!”
David Allen, author of the international bestseller Getting Things Done

Learn more about Todd Henry | Buy Die Empty on Amazon

5) Succession or Failure by Kristofor Behn

Succession or Failure is a handbook that will assist you in navigating your small to mid-sized business through key employee identification, succession planning, and ultimately value extraction. By using this handbook as a guide to running your business, you will have an appreciation for the need to run your business with an exit strategy in mind. In the end, there are only two options: Succession or Failure.

The question is, why does this happen to so many small to mid-sized business owners? The reason is simply pilot error, just like in flying. Through a series of distractions, adverse conditions, or fuel starvation, we find ourselves with red indicators.

Succession or Failure is designed to address mission-critical questions and provide workable solutions that you can begin to implement in your quest for your ultimate retirement. Managing your lifecycle in business is the same as flying an aircraft.

Learn more about Kristofor Behn | Buy Succession or Failure on Amazon

What latest books for entrepreneurs are you reading this month? Share yours in the comments below:

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