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A Preview of Limitless Energy with Brandon Epstein

Limitless Energy

A summary of things you should know about Limitless Energy according to Brandon Epstein:


In this episode Brandon Epstein shares his book, Limitless Energy where he provides 10 simple daily habits to naturally boost energy. Epstein is a firm believer that when you provide enough energy it allows you to take all the other tools you have at your disposal and use them with much more effectiveness.

In his book, Epstein, walks you through 10 daily habits to create sustainable and limitless energy such as breathing properly, hydration, meditation, nutrition, and much more.

This book is perfect for the very busy and resourceful entrepreneur who needs an extra boost of energy in order to perform with greater effectiveness.

The Book’s Unique Quality (2:57)

I think a lot of entrepreneurs write books and they’re very business oriented but what I am doing is targeting entrepreneurs and giving them something that I believe is going to uplift all these other tactical things they are doing. When you provide enough energy it allows you to take all the other tools you have at your disposal and use them with much more effectiveness.

The Best Way To Engage (3:33)

This is the type of book you can grab here and there. One day implement one tool and the next grab and implement another if you want.

The Reader’s Takeaway (16:00)

Be incredible conscious with hydrating yourself. If you’re going to do one thing really focus on trying to drink half your body weight of water every single day.

A Deep Dive Into The Book (4:11)

I came up with 10 simple daily habits that really allow people to maximize their energy without any synthetic uses of any other drugs. Through these 10 simple daily habits it’ll give you the tools to be able to keep energy from the second you wake up to when you fall asleep at night and allow you to do so in a very healthy way.

The first daily habit is breathing properly. Most of us take very shallow breaths through our upper respiratory system and we aren’t taking deep low belly breaths which allows for full oxygenation of our entire body. If you’re not breathing properly you are only getting about 70% oxygenation. And when you do so you are really missing out on a large amount of energy that could be circulating throughout your entire body. Breathing properly is also going to allow people to increase energy; it’s going to allow them to gain a little bit of perspective throughout their day.

The second daily habit is hydration. Our brains are made up of 75% water and over 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Doing something as simple as trying to consume at least half of your body weight in water on a daily basis is going to really help you increase your energy.

The third daily habit is something I call The Energizer. This technique uses self-talk, affirmation and movement with your body. Techniques like the energizer sounds silly and make you feel a little bit uncomfortable but when you do them they really are life changing.

The fourth daily habit is called Energy Meditation. Meditation for 20 minutes a day in alpha brain waves allows you to make up for at least an hour of sleep. I cannot downplay how important meditation is to your daily practice especially if you are someone who often gets overwhelmed, has a hard time staying focused or chronically tired.

The fifth daily habit is nutrition. Food is so important as far as staying in peak state as an entrepreneur. If you go throughout your workday and eating very simple carbohydrates what you’re doing is programing yourself to come up on a short high and then crash. When you do this you won’t be in your most resourceful state, you’ll lose your energy, you won’t feel as happy and you won’t preform as you would otherwise. This habit talks about the type of foods you should be eating, how frequent you should be eating them and how to make sure that we are feeding our brain what it needs.

The sixth daily habit is about moving your body. Moving your body is so powerful. When you are exercising you are releasing endorphins and you’re getting blood flow throughout your body and more so to your brain. Exercise is one of those things that you have to incorporate into your daily routine if you want to have high energy.

The seventh daily habit is about making sure you’re recharging your battery. This isn’t just about sleep but sleep is a big part of this. When we are not sleeping enough our bodies cannot function properly. New research shows that about seven hours of sleep is the optimal amount for humans to be able to be in their most healthy and resourceful state. And you will find the other technics in the book.

I like to think of energy just like a muscle. Energy is something that not only something we are naturally producing on a minute by minute basis but also something that we can program to increase for a longer period of time. I think that energy, just like we train a muscle, gets stronger. We want to program ourselves to be high energy all the time because it continually sets the bar higher and higher.

The next habit I talk about is the importance of making sure you’re living an inspiring life. If you’re doing things that are constantly draining you of energy, it’s really hard to get back into that resourceful state. Do everything you can to force yourself to do things that inspire you. I recommend that everyone spends more time getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The final daily habit I talk about is creating morning routines. Start a routine where you start your day on airplane mode that way you aren’t bothered by others. Do all the things needed in the morning to make sure you launch off each day in peak state.

Notable Quotes From The Book (18:00)

“The more real you get the more unreal your life gets.” -John Lennon

The Credibility/Inspiration Of The Author (1:20)

I have a company called Entrepreneur Fitness where we take all the inspiration and tools possible, through it up on EntrepreneurFitness.com where we provide resources for entrepreneurs to help them take their game to the next level.

I was a professional fitness model that turned into an Entrepreneur with an app company and I realized while getting into entrepreneurship that the #1 important resource to me was energy. I did not see any resources out there specifically targeting entrepreneurs promising limitless energy.

Other Books Recommended By The Author (19:21)

Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

More Information About This Book and The Author

Brandon Epstein is a health and performance coach, as well as the host of the top ranked health podcast ‘The Entrepreneur Fitness Podcast’. His mission is to help entrepreneurs live a life of flow. That entails mastery over one’s physical, mental and emotional fitness. To learn more about living a life in flow or to connect with Brandon personally – head over to his site EntrepreneurFitness.com

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