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A Preview of The Discomfort Zone with Marcia Reynolds

The Discomfort Zone

A summary of things you should know about The Discomfort Zone according to Marcia Reynolds


In this episode Marcia Reynolds gives a deep dive into her book, The Discomfort Zone, where she shows leaders how to think through problems, see situations more strategically, and transcend their limits.

In her book, Reynolds give you exercises and case studies to help you use discomfort in your conversations to create lasting changes and a better workforce. The goal of the book show you how to short-circuit your mind’s defense and habitual thought patterns.

This book is perfect for entrepreneurs who are having trouble coaching others to stretch their limits and meet their personal goals while not making them suffer consequences.

The Book’s Unique Quality (2:36)

There are two things that make it different. The discomfort zone is how leaders turn difficult conversations in to breakthroughs. There are a lot of conversation books out there but they really just focus on what the leader should say instead of what the leader should listen for. It’s really about helping the person achieve their goals instead of the leader achieve his or her goals. Another thing is it is a leadership coaching book but most coaching books are linear in problem solving and this goes to a much deeper level of what coaching really is and how to use it as a leader.

The Best Way To Engage (3:33)

Each chapter has very specific things that they can do so if you were to jump to any chapter you would get value. But reading it all together allows it to be cohesive.

The Reader’s Takeaway (9:42)

This sounds difficult but the big thing is they have to turn off their thinking brain. We rely on our thinking brain and we think that we need that in order to think through problems and resolve situations but it’s that thinking self-monitoring brain that often gets in the way.

A Deep Dive Into The Book (4:24)

The introduction of the book describes what exactly the discomfort zone is and why it’s so important that everyone truly understands what is necessary to create behavioral change. First I go in to what needs to occur in the brain to make the breakthrough.

In chapter one I describe the difference between most conversations and coaching techniques and why it’s important. It also looks at some of the common excuses that leaders give for not engaging in these types of conversations. I explain how it is still important for them as leaders to engage in these conversations and why if they want to achieve their results.

In chapter two I move in to the guidelines. First we explore how to establish trust and the intention for the conversation in order to make it successful. As a leader you need to consider what emotional tone you want to set. You need to have the intention that they are going to achieve their goals and you are there to help them succeed.

In chapter three we look at the model and I give a very specific model for having these conversations.

In chapter four we go in to deeper listening and how to listen with your entire nervous system which we label as intuition. This chapter describes very clearly how you can actually access the major processing centers in your nervous system which includes your gut, heart and head, to make decisions as well as listen to people.

Chapter five and six are filled with case studies where I show you how to implement these skills. Chapter five looks at how to break through people’s defense routines and chapter six explains how to help people move forward through whatever is holding them back.

In chapter seven I give you a plan on how to actually maintain your practice over time. I show you how to implement this in to your own organization and how to create your own personal development plan to make sure that your own changes sticks.

Notable Quotes From The Book (11:55)

“They want you to be present more than they need you to be perfect.” – Marcia Reynolds

The Credibility/Inspiration Of The Author (0:36)

I have been teaching leadership for over 30 years. It’s always fascinating because the more we learn about human behavior the more there is to consider in being a leader. My family was always a family of entrepreneurs so I went out to start my own business about 17 years ago.

I think the most misunderstood area of leadership is the whole topic of listening. Leaders know that they have to listen but they confuse it with just being patient while someone is talking until it’s their turn to talk. I really feel that there is a stronger purpose for listening than most leaders realize. In order to change people’s minds they have to listen for specific things. It’s not just how to listen but the purpose and I really wanted to put this down on paper to help all leaders understand what it takes to change people’s behavior.

Other Books Recommended By The Author (12:40)

I and Thou by Martin Buber

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  • http://www.adlibmusic.com/ Dave Helmuth

    This is a great podcast! I think it would be even better if you just ask the stock questions as is, without any ad lib. Because I know what’s coming, sometimes I skip past each question. Just my two cents. Otherwise, I love getting the “cliffs notes” on so many new books!!

    • http://www.theelpodcast.com/ Wade Danielson

      I appreciate your “two cents”! You are the kind of person I made this podcast for. No fluff, just get to the point and get the reader/listener the information they came for. Are there any questions you would add that we aren’t currently asking?

      • http://www.adlibmusic.com/ Dave Helmuth

        This might be an even tougher question, but it uses the “formula for change” (D+V+F>R) to help the readers actually DO something with the book. The question is “What might one reason be that a reader could read this book and do nothing…and what simple step could help them overcome that resistance?”

  • http://SteveDaar.com Steve Daar

    Great quote on ‘presence over perfection’. See that more and more in life. Being present, attentive, empathetic, and always you true + authentic self is best path of action.

    And not just having uncomfortable conversations, I’ve seen getting outside your comfort zone as often as possible (in any area of life) pays massive dividends : )

    • http://www.theelpodcast.com/ Wade Danielson

      I agree Steve, seems like most success is out side your comfort zone. I have noticed each time I get outside my comfort zone that my stress goes way up… Facing the unknown i think is the culprit. But, whats amazing is once you have done it, you grow and the things that stress you out soon become comfortable…. then its time to step out again!!