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3 Super Solid Ways to Create New Business Ideas

Create New Business Ideas

The hardest part about beginning a startup company is coming up with an idea that not only fills an important void, but that no one else has already come up with. It is exceedingly likely that the first idea you come up with will not be a success. As such, it is imperative to not let yourself become discouraged by initial disappointments and to keep on pushing.

These popular techniques will go a long way towards helping you create new business ideas:

1. Try Your Best To Predict The Future

The entrepreneur who successfully creates a new business and can withstand the test of time is the one who is able to peer into their crystal ball and predict the trends of the future. While this process does require just a smidgen of good luck, a great entrepreneur knows that luck is merely the residue of skill and hard work. Luck does not come to those who park themselves on the couch and wait for it to come along, it happens to those who get up, get out there and work for it.

A top notch idea for a business is one that is ahead of the curve and anticipates changes in the landscape. The person who is monitoring current trends instead of future trends is going to come up with ideas that are instantly outdated. A decent entrepreneur looks at what is going on now and thinks of a way to fit in with the current landscape.

On the other hand, a great entrepreneur thinks about the future and wonders how they can create the next big thing, rather than an inferior knockoff version of the current big thing. Monitoring the current trends in the business world can provide some help when it comes to developing new ideas, but you have to consider the amount of time it takes to start a new business.

An idea that seems fresh in the moment is often past its sell by date when you are finally able to get down to brass tacks and start the process of opening a business. Consider the future and what place your product will hold in that future.

2. Consider The Things That Annoy You

I am willing to bet that there are many things in your everyday life that drive you crazy. One of my personal favorite ways to create new business ideas is by taking the time to consider the things about life that annoy you the most. If you hone in on the things that “piss you off,” you will be able to brainstorm real solutions to everyday problems. If you are are the type of person that feels like you have to “do things on your own,” this task brainstorming technique will come naturally to you. As I’ve come to learn from many authors on innovation, the best entrepreneurs are those who find out about what we lack most and discover a new way to provide the public with the needed item.

Invention is not a must in these scenarios, but it can help you to develop new ideas. Brainstorming about products that every human being would want, but have yet to be created is a great way to amplify the creative process and ensure that you remain ahead of the curve at all times.

Speak to people you know, as well. There are many instances where the things that annoy you and frustrate you will also annoy and frustrate them. Canvasing close friends and family can also provide you with important information about frustrations that they are having that you had failed to consider.

Consult with members of the opposite sex and ask them about their daily frustrations. A company that is able to consider a variety of concerns from various walks of life is one that will prosper in the long term. Having a narrow focus leads to a lack of creativity and should be avoided.

Most people prefer to avoid frustrating moments at all costs, but those who can train their mind to look deeper can find valuable business ideas that no one else has considered.

3. Consider Improvements To Existing Products

Just because you cannot create new business idea does not mean that you should give up on your entrepreneurial dreams. Some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs are those who analyzed the current marketplace, discovered inefficiencies that could easily be corrected and decided to do something about it.

This strategy is helpful for entrepreneurs who are struggling to come up with ideas of their own. Perhaps you are someone who enjoys a certain product, but finds it to be overpriced. This is your opportunity to research the product you enjoy and see if any changes can be made during any part of the process that can have a positive effect on the pricing structure.

Or, maybe you can take a closer look at what the major players in your desired niche are doing wrong. A company does not have to be the same size as the big boys to successfully compete with them. The playing field has never been more level and a person can learn a lot from what the major business in their field are doing wrong.

There are typically enough gaps in the industry that you seek to join that can be easily exploited. Perhaps there is a service that a major company should be offering that they have not thought of. By using this as your starting point, you can start a business that already has built in clientele.

Some larger businesses are no longer in the business of innovation, they are more focused on maintaining their current piece of the pie. If so, this also provides an opportunity to come up with an idea that takes a product that is already available to the next level.

Recommended books on how to create new business ideas:

The Dream Cafe by Geoff Crook
Seeing What Others Don’t by Gary Klein
The Myths of Creativity by David Burkus
One Simple Idea by Stephen Key
A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger

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  • Mauricio Gatgens

    “The person who is monitoring current trends instead of future trends is going to come up with ideas that are instantly outdated” Beautifully written phrase Cody, it’s so true and so crucial to a company’s success to be constantly thinking what the next big thing might be…yet we tend you spend so much time just thinking what is currently happening.
    Love the content, keep it up!

  • Chris Kenber Business Coach

    I feel that a real entrepreneur should not have to look at existing products for inspiration. A real entrepreneur rarely struggles to get the motivation he needs

  • Stef Frackowiak

    Very motivational. Thx.

  • https://appinstitute.com Mikolaj Ziemianek

    This was very insightful and motivational! If anyone is still struggling for business ideas, we’ve created a whole list of 111 home business ideas anyone can start. https://appinstitute.com/home-business-ideas/