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Latest Books For Entrepreneurs in March 2015

Latest Books For Entrepreneurs

A Quick Look at 5 of the Latest Books for Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurs Library presents some of the latest books for entrepreneurs in March 2015. These books are brand new to the market and the authors are in line to give a thorough deep dive of their books. Stay tuned this month for the release of the interviews with these great books and their authors.

1) Entrepreneurship for the Rest of Us by Paul B. Brown

Based on extensive research, Entrepreneurship for the Rest of Us reveals the best practices of the most successful entrepreneurs, those who are adept at continually innovating and seeing opportunity where others do not.

What works for the most successful entrepreneurs will work for us, Brown argues, whether we want to stay employed working for someone else or are thinking of going off on our own. Though of course we won’t all start or run our own companies, we need to learn to think like entrepreneurs so that when uncertainty hits, as it will again and again, individuals and companies will be better prepared to not only survive but win.

In short, the entrepreneurial mindset is a protection against economic uncertainty, and Brown’s goal is to spread that thinking to individuals and large organizations alike.

“I believe entrepreneurship has to the power to go a long way toward providing the future we as individuals and corporate businesspeople aspire to have. Innately, we are all entrepreneurs, but too few of us get to practice it. Entrepreneurship for the Rest of Us can help change that.” – Leonard A. Schlesinger, Baker Foundation Professor, Harvard Business School

“In searching for ways to become more innovative, there is no better role model than successful entrepreneurs—people, who by definition, have created something that did not exist before. In Entrepreneurship for the Rest of Us, Paul B. Brown explains simply and in detail how they think so we can learn from their success. Everyone from Fortune 100 executives to potential entrepreneurs can benefit.” – Andrea Coville, president and CEO, Brodeur Partners

Learn more about Paul B Brown | Buy Entrepreneurship for the Rest of Us on Amazon

2) The Social Profit Handbook by David Grant

The Social Profit Handbook presents assessment and evaluation not as ends in themselves but as the path toward achieving what matters most in the social sector. The result: more benefits to society and stronger, more unified, more effective organizations prepared to make the world a better place.

The Social Profit Handbook offers those who lead, govern, and support mission-driven organizations and businesses new ways to assess their impact in order to improve future work rather than merely judge past performance.

David Grant’s insights, illustrated by numerous case studies, make this book a unique organizational development tool for a wide range of nonprofit organizations, as well as emerging mission-based social venture businesses, such as low-profit corporations and B Corps.

“For many years, David Grant has helped our organization create firm foundations for new projects and initiatives through the principles outlined in this excellent roadmap for rethinking success. At last his guidance and wisdom are available to anyone fortunate enough to come across this book.”– Robert Lynch, President and CEO, Americans for the Arts

“Anyone in the business of improving lives—whether they spend their days in government or in mission-driven organizations—can benefit from this simple, elegant, and incisive guide to having not just more impact, but also the right impact. David Grant has produced a book that belongs on the shelves of every political and social leader interested in translating goals to successes.”– Peter Welch, Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives

Learn more about David Grant | Buy The Social Profit Handbook on Amazon

3) Seeing What Others Don’t by Gary Klein

Both scientifically sophisticated and fun to read, Seeing What Others Don’t shows that insight is not just a “eureka!” moment but a whole new way of understanding.

Gary Klein is a keen observer of people in their natural settings—scientists, businesspeople, firefighters, police officers, soldiers, family members, friends, himself—and uses a marvelous variety of stories to illuminate his research into what insights are and how they happen.

We also need insights into the everyday things that frustrate and confuse us so that we can more effectively solve problems and get things done. Yet we know very little about when, why, or how insights are formed—or what blocks them. In Seeing What Others Don’t Klein unravels the mystery.

“His analysis of how Google searches and corporate culture inhibit insight is intriguing, while suggestions for improving the chances of having a breakthrough are practical and useful for many facets of life.” —Publishers Weekly

“No one has taught me more about the complexities and mysteries of human decision-making than Gary Klein.” — Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point and Outliers

Learn more about Gary Klein | Buy Seeing What Others Don’t on Amazon

4) Nice Guys Finish First by Doug Sandler

Nice Guys Finish First provides stories, lessons, concrete takeaways and action items. The reader will go beyond finding out why nice guys finish first and discover how to be successful using the lessons provided.

In order to win relationships in today’s business climate, you must first understand the importance of having systems in place to provide exemplary service, making people a priority over products, putting the client experience at the top of the list and valuing relationships over technology.

The book walks the reader along a path to becoming a student of Sandler’s system: Invest, Inspire and Execute. The chapters break the system down into smaller pieces, guiding the reader through practical application and lessons about leadership, technology, consistency, trust and empowerment.

“Doug Sandler has written an inspiring, well structured, easy to read book that is a success system for life in general and not just for your business. Readers will appreciate the practical examples and end of chapter action items.” — John Watson, author of The Ultimate Guide to Consulting in the Networked Age

Learn more about Doug Sandler | Buy Nice Guys Finish First on Amazon

5) Free Agent: The Independent Professional’s Roadmap to Self-Employment by Katy Tynan

Despite the proliferation of people engaging in freelance and contract work, however, the path to success is not always easy. Free Agent: The Independent Professional’s Roadmap to Self-Employment Success details a pragmatic action plan to help you succeed in this new skills marketplace.

Supplying practical strategies to help you get ahead of the change and become an in-demand resource with a steady stream of income, the book describes how work is changing and what is driving the growth of freelancing. Next, it explains how to get your new independent venture off the ground, how to find your first client, and what you need to know to avoid common pitfalls.

Detailing the tools and practices that will enable you to succeed as a free agent, the book includes case studies and interviews with those who have already made the transition. The book concludes by describing how to optimize your new freelance work style to make the most of your time and energy, so you can focus on doing more of what you love.

Learn more about Katy Tynan | Buy Free Agent: The Independent Professional’s Roadmap to Self-Employment Success on Amazon

What latest books for entrepreneurs are you reading this month? Share yours in the comments below:

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  • Richard Mason

    Thank You for the suggestions. A couple of those sound great. I would recommend Way of the Junglepreneur by David Fasanya.
    Really awesome modern business resource that reads like a novel and offers some of the most valuable and relevant business advice you can find today. The author likens our current business climate to life in the jungle and makes some excellent and fascinating comparisons.
    I also found it quite witty at times which made it a really enjoyable read. Superb book that has the potential to be a huge influence for a lot of people. Highly recommended. http://junglepreneur.com/