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A Preview of EDGY Conversations with Dan Waldschmidt

EDGY Conversations

A summary of things you should know about EDGY Conversations according to Dan Waldschmidt


In this episode Dan Waldschmidt discusses his book, EDGY Conversations which is a book that shows you how ordinary people achieve outrageous success. This book is perfect for entrepreneurs who find success to be skeptic and need a strong sense of will power to boost their abilities to succeed. Waldschmidt truly sets the tone for why people try to be successful but don’t.

The Book’s Unique Quality

One of the differences is you’ll probably find this to be one of tough love. We kind of slap you in the face and tell you that even if you follow the best process in the world, nine times out of ten, you’re still going to struggle and we teach you what to do in that process. The second difference is we tell some truly inspirational stories of normal people and write the book from the ordinary man’s approach. You might love me, you might hate me because it is a in your face book but at the end of it you will not be the same person.

The Best Way To Engage

You can pick it up in the middle if you want but I suspect, after you read the first few pages, you’ll want to start from beginning to the end. This book has so many intriguing true stories that will inspire you and hopefully make you want to read from beginning to end. All the stories are highlighted in red so that they are easy to find and share with others.

The Reader’s Takeaway

One thing is to try more. It’s a simple concept but edgy comes down to one thing, trying. People forget that trying is what you do until it’s done.

A Deep Dive Into The Book

Our mission is for there to be full-on, hardcore transformation. We want you to see the world in a new way that you’ve never seen before. I have been on the stage many of times where I look out into the audience and I see the skeptics and I structured this book so that there would be a story that would pull you back in.

I start with my own personal story and I end with the conclusion to that story. And then the next few chapters are to convince you that being edgy is something that you want to do. We set the tone for why people try to be successful but don’t. They are trying to bolt on skills when they don’t need skill, they need will. We talk about the playing field for being successful.

The next four sections of the book we uncover the fact that there are four unique philosophies or attitudes of ordinary people who achieve outrageous success.

Firstly, they have extreme behavior. Secondly, they show disciplined activity. Third, they are givers and fourth they have a human strategy that I call emotional intelligence. We make the argument that you should strongly consider being extreme and show you how to do that. You should strongly consider being disciplined and not just doing more but denying yourself more.

We then come to a conclusion where this is your time to figure out if you’re ready to change your life or not. One of the final two chapters we talk about how there is always a reason to make an excuse. You might think that worked for everyone else but it wouldn’t work for you. We tell hundred stories back to back of somebody who did something outrageous for their age and had no excuses.

The last chapter tells a story that inspired me, the story of the Spartans. And this is where we try to inspire the reader to realize that it’s not just a job, it’s a war and you need to gear up to go to war. In the end we teach you, that you as an ordinary person can achieve what you desperately want to achieve but you have got to change the rules and transform your life.

Notable Quotes From The Book

“If you stop doing the right thing before it starts working you’ve just done the wrong thing.” – Dan Waldschmidt

The Credibility/Inspiration Of The Author

I have been an entrepreneur from the time I was 12 when I started my first lawn mowing business. Some of the first lessons I learned mowing lawns, a couple hundred a week sometimes, not only paid my way through college but really formed the opinions that helped me make millions and millions of dollars by the time I was 25.

The reason I wrote the book was because I couldn’t find something like it out there already. I read so many books growing up and I never felt like I was getting the real deal. I always felt like it was too generic. I wanted to know how ordinary people achieve outrageous success. So that is what drove us to sit down, spend years’ worth of work and carve out this book that now is a bestseller.

Other Books Recommended By The Author

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More Information About This Book and The Author

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