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A Preview of Thoughts Are Things with Greg S Reid

Thoughts Are Things

A summary of things you should know about Thoughts Are Things according to Greg S. Reid:


In this episode, bestselling author and success leader, Greg Reid takes a deep dive into his book Thoughts Are Things where he and his co-author, Bob Proctor, reveal the true mindsets that determine where a person will be successful.

In their book Reid and Proctor interview professionals to dissect the psychological science of thought and how successful people think differently from others who are unable to reach their potential. The goal of the book is to teach you how to manipulate your thoughts, what kinds of thoughts will make you wealthy, and how thinking is significant to achieve a meaningful life.

This book is perfect for entrepreneurs who admire the works of Napoleon Hill and are ready to change everything about their lives in order to control their actions when it comes to wealth and success.

The Book’s Unique Quality (3:31)

Thought Are Things is not necessarily the truth and we come right out and say it. The reality is it’s thought backed by massive action that becomes things. If thoughts were things I’d be a pizza because I am starving and thinking about pizza. You got to think it, you got to feel it, but ultimately you got to do it.

The Best Way To Engage (5:36)

You can literally open up any chapter and start fresh.

The Reader’s Takeaway (16:14)

One of the greatest things that people did was to be very careful of the people they surrounded themselves with. And the thoughts that you put into your head are a direct proportion of the people you’re hanging out with. So it’s important to seek counsel and not people’s opinions. It’s important also to have many mentors in our life.

A Deep Dive Into The Book (7:30)

To write the book we sat down with amazing human beings and found out exactly how their thoughts dictated where they are today.

Thoughts backed by massive action become true reality. One of the big takeaways is about the subconscious mind where you have no control of what it is. One thing that kept popping up was fear – fear is one of the biggest driving things that hold us back and most of it is manmade fear. We spend 90% of our time worrying about 10% that really happens. And fear is a great mechanism and it files away emotional pain, regret, and embarrassment and that’s why if we fail at something we are reluctant to try it again. The subconscious mind pulls from that memory to keep us safe and away from experiencing that same outcome. Sometimes we have to trick that subconscious mind and the way that people do that is they put more positive on top of that negative. Sometimes thoughts are important but you also have to take necessary actions and course directions to make your dreams a reality. Successful people seek counsel and failures listen to opinion. And the difference is that opinion is based on ignorance, lack of knowledge and inexperience, and counsel is based on wisdom, knowledge, and mentorship. If we would spend our daily lives only seeking and listening to counsel and ignoring people’s opinions, that’s the day your life would change.

NOTE: That was just a summary. To get the full deep dive, play the audio clip at 07:30

Notable Quotes From The Book (17:55)

“Fears only enemy is action in the absence of faith.” – Greg Reid

The Credibility/Inspiration Of The Author (1:47)

I live in San Diego, California with you wife and my two year old son. I get to write books, make movies, travel the world, and meet some of the most influential people of our time and then tell their stories.

To start with I did Thoughts Are Things with a legendary author named Bob Proctor and this book is the very first one in the Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich series. The whole concept is if you ever read Think and Grow Rich, the first three words are Thoughts Are Things. Bob and I decided to take those three words and expand on them and from there we created this gem that people are loving national wide.

Other Books Recommended By The Author (18:55)

Fish! by Stephen Lundin and Harry Paul

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