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7 Morning Routines of Very Wealthy People

Routines of Very Wealthy People

7 Morning Routines of Very Wealthy People

No matter if you’re an insomniac or an early-to-bed, early-riser type, we all have to start our day in a way that creates a sense of accomplishment. Morning routines are not one size fits all, we have to choose the one that works best for us. But we also desire wealth and wish to learn more from those who have been able to obtain it.

There are a wide range of options on how to start your day and the following are some that are favored by the wealthiest of people when they need a kick start. Let’s take a quick look at a few routines of very wealthy people:

1. Write Down What You Wish To Accomplish

The CEO of American Express, Kenneth Chenault, says that he makes a list at the start of every day, writing down the three things that he most wishes to accomplish in the next 24 hours. By having a list in front of you as a jumping off point, you too can make the necessary changes in your life.

It’s easy to have a vague idea in your head of what you wish to achieve, but when you make a list, it’s much easier to visualize the accomplishment. The sense of accomplishment that you feel inside as you cross items off of your daily to do list is just an added bonus.

2. Begin With Physical Activity

Many successful, wealthy people report that they start off their morning with brisk physical activity. This helps to wake up the brain so that they are constantly able to fire on all cylinders. Starting the day with exercise provides a person with more energy and keeps them from feeling tired throughout the day.

Vogue’s editor in chief, Anna Wintour, does not consider her day to have started until she has played an hour long tennis match. Wintour wakes up before 6 AM to do so. People who start their day with physical activity tend to be much more enthusiastic and highly motivated.

3. Check Social Media

While some may be surprised to see one of their most prized early morning routines end up on this list, there are many wealthy, successful people who also feel the need to check Twitter and Instagram as soon as they roll out of bed in the morning. This may be a time drain for some, but for others, this practice helps them to keep their finger on the pulse.

The editor in chief of Lucky magazine states that she checks Twitter every morning and avoids watching TV as much as possible. This strategy may not work for everyone except for those who are able to self-motivate.

4. Focus On The Customers

Craig Newmark, best known for founding Craigslist, says that he begins each day with a complete and total focus on customer service. Newmark is proof that no matter how far you rise, it is still extremely important to put the customer first. He even goes so far as to say that he thinks of himself as one of Craigslist’s customer service representatives.

In order to gain wealth and maintain it, sharpening your focus so that you can properly address any and all customer concerns is incredibly important. Otherwise, you could fall into the same habits that have derailed other CEOs.

5. Spend Time On Positive Visualization

Popular self-help guru Tony Robbins urges his acolytes to take 15 minutes at the start of each day and spend it visualizing positive occurrences in their life, even those that have not actually taken place yet. He also tells his clients that they must use the time to envision the things in their life that they are grateful for.

By doing so, a person is able to achieve greater self-certainty and increase their overall confidence. Many are skeptical of this practice, believing it to be too New Age and not grounded in reality. Those who are able to overcome their skepticism report far greater success in their day to day living.

6. Eat Those Frogs

Mark Twain has a quote about how everyone should start their day by consuming a live frog. That way, nothing else that takes place could possibly seem any worse than that. Obviously, this is meant to be a metaphor about tackling your most difficult tasks first. Taken literally, this piece of advice could lead to a great deal of trouble.

Getting your toughest tasks out the way early clears the way so that you can enjoy the rest of your day without having to worry about taking care of it later. Whether it’s getting up early to get your workout out of the way or dealing with difficult correspondence, there is no shortage of tasks that should be handled early. Otherwise, they have the ability to hang over you and take away from your overall level of enthusiasm.

7. Remain Informed

There is a wide range of ways to consume the news nowadays and the majority of wealthy, successful people have a way of remaining on top of all the latest information. A person does not maintain success by allowing themselves to fall out of the loop. Some may prefer to grab the local newspaper, others might leaf through the Wall Street Journal.

However you choose to keep yourself informed about the world around you, starting the morning with a healthy dose of information is how many of the world’s best and brightest get their day going. You never know when that valuable piece of information will come along and change your entire perspective.

Recommended books on developing routines of very wealthy people:

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Three Feet From Gold by Greg Reid
Unstoppable by Pete Wilkinson
The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

What does your early morning routine consist of? Share with everyone in the comments below:

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