Do you want to know "The Top 10 Books Recommended By Over 500 Entrepreneurs?"
Exiting A Business

Once an entrepreneur has become established and they have built their business to a point where it can become self-sufficient or the infrastructure is strong enough to withstand a transfer Read More

Personal Finance Secrets

In a world where the rich are only getting richer and the income gap between the upper class and lower class is only getting wider by the day, many citizens Read More

Melinda Emerson

Who is Melinda Emerson and what you can learn from her: Melinda Emerson is known as the Small Biz Lady. She is the founder and president of the Quintessence Group, Read More

7 Successful Attributes of a Billionaire

People who are working towards their financial goals each day will often wonder what it takes to be a billionaire. We are often led to believe that billionaires are different Read More

Latest Books For Entrepreneurs

A Quick Look at 5 of the Latest Books for Entrepreneurs The Entrepreneurs Library presents some of the latest books for entrepreneurs in April 2015. These books are brand new Read More

Public Speaking Tips for Entrepreneurs

Public speaking ranks as one of the biggest fears when the general public is polled on the matter. There are those out there who actually fear public speaking more than Read More

Mike Michalowicz

Who is Mike Michalowicz and what you can learn from him: Mike Michalowicz launched his first company when he was 24 years old. After selling it in 2002, he founded Read More

Hal Elrod

Who is Hal Elrod and what you can learn from him: Hal Elrod, known as “Yo Pal Hal,” started hosting his own radio show at age 15. When he was Read More

Truths About Entrepreneurship

While entrepreneurship is a path to a better life, there are many harsh truths that come with choosing this career option. It is not an easy route to untold riches Read More

Raising Money for Your Startup

Raising money for your startup can seem exciting. It seems as though it’s the first step in what will eventually become your Zuckerberg-sized concept you’re going to blow up to Read More