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A Preview of High Profit Selling with Mark Hunter

High Profit Selling

A summary of things you should know about High Profit Selling according to Mark Hunter:


In this episode, Mark Hunter takes you on a deep dive into his book, High Profit Selling where he helps you change the way you think about discounting, price, negotiating, and, above all, the all-important concept of value.

In his book, Hunter gives you the guide for moving towards a profit-centered sales approach that will strengthen your customer relationships and increase your bottom line.

This book is perfect for entrepreneurs who are not confident in their current sales approach to prospects and need a better method for increasing profits more comfortably.

The Book’s Unique Quality (1:48)

The big difference is that it is about the selling process which is you as the individual.

The Best Way To Engage (2:21)

I would suggest the reader read straight through the book.

The Reader’s Takeaway (16:11)

The level of confidence you have going into the transaction will determine the level of profit you make on the transaction.

A Deep Dive Into The Book (3:03)

The first chapter of the book is about the fact that you are the one who is hurting your profit. Discounts are given because the sales person, entrepreneur or business owner fails to believe in their own price. When you discount your price you are leaving all that extra profit on the table.

In chapter two I talk about how profit is not a dirty word. This chapter gets you thinking that profit is a beautiful word because it really allows you to do your business that much better which then allows you to serve your customers that much better.

Chapter three I discuss how to use needs and benefits to command a higher price. You position your price differently when you are focusing on the customers outcomes.

In chapter four tells you how to create real value by using your price point. If you position your price right it will work to your advantage.

Chapter five is about prospecting that works. I walk people through in terms how to call that prospecting list quickly.

Chapter six is about selling more by talking less. I show people exactly how they can dial down their conversation to get the customers to engage more. You are positioning yourself and if you position yourself right you create that level of confidence with the customer.

Chapter Seven I discuss how to skip the sales presentation. I believe that the most profitable sales, transaction and customer relationships are the ones that are gained with no sales presentation.

Toward the end of the book I talk about how to handle price objections, executing a price increase and leveraging knowledge to the fullest.

NOTE: That was just a summary. To get the full deep dive, play the audio clip at 03:03

Notable Quotes From The Book (16:42)

“The best presentation ever made is a presentation never given.” – Mark Hunter

The Credibility/Inspiration Of The Author (0:33)

I help companies and sales people find a way to avoid the discount which is how to sell at full price without discounting. So I help you find better customers that close at full price. The inspiration behind the book was all about how to avoid the discount.

Other Books Recommended By The Author (17:54)

Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn

More Information About This Book and The Author

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