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A Preview of Customer Experience 3.0 with John A Goodman

Customer Experience

A summary of things you should know about Customer Experience 3.0 according to John A. Goodman:


In this episode John Goodman takes a deep dive into his book, Customer Experience 3.0, where he shares his high-profit strategies in the age of techno service.

In his book Goodman provides a roadmap to enhance the customer service experience by using the best tools and strategies available today. The goal of this book is to teach you how to create an effective customer access strategy, use customer feedback properly to enhance your product, improve your marketing efforts, and use CRM systems and other tools to deliver customer satisfaction.

This book is for entrepreneurs who struggle to take advantage of and properly manage the customer service tools that are available on the market today.

The Book’s Unique Quality (3:11)

We find that everyone talks about customer service and customer experiences really good because you’ll win more customers but there is no quantification done in a way that finance guys will ever agree to. The book is aimed heavily at how to quantify the payoff of better service and quality and customer experience in a way finance will actually accept. Another difference is that all the new technology has now allowed one to deliver great service and wow the customer at very low expense. We focus on the financial implication and how one intelligently implements technology.

The Best Way To Engage (5:39)

You can jump in and out but to give yourself the ammunition you need to get finance and marketing to really invest with you it makes sense to read it from front to back.

The Reader’s Takeaway (17:17)

It would be that the revenue and word of mouth implications of a better customer experience are 10 to 20 times the cost required to achieve it. So you are guaranteed 1,000% return if you do your quantification in the right way.

A Deep Dive Into The Book (6:53)

The first chapter is Why Good Service Might Not Result in a Great Experience and that’s about knocking down all the myths that everybody brings to the customer experience arena.

The second chapter is about how service is more than people. It’s more than smiling and being courteous. There has to be really good processes because most of your staff are implementing processes and if they’re constrained by that then they are backed into the corner oh well sir I’d like to do that but I can’t because. This is basically setting the stage that you need to have technology and processes that support the people.

The third chapter is about winning over the chief financial officer. In this chapter we show how you can quantify not only the revenue payoff of better service and quality but also word of mouth because successful companies have very positive word of mouth.

Chapter four is about how to deliver a product right the first time which entails setting proper customer expectations.

The next step after delivering the product is getting the customer to reach out to you if they have problems.

The sixth chapter is when someone comes to you for service you want to be sure that you satisfy them. Two things that most frontline staff lacks are flexibility and clear believable explanations.

The seventh chapter is Listen Passionately which is creating a unified voice of the customer. Most organizations say the voice of the customer are their surveys and their complaints but there are two other sources of data that are critically important and in many cases more powerful. The operational data internal to the company is going to tell you hours before the customers do. The fourth piece is the employee input because employees know real time and in many cases in advance what is going to happen. So we find that these data sources integrated in such a way that they create the economic imperative for action make a voice of the customer system that is dramatically more powerful than the average company has.

The last three chapters of the book focus on three key implementation issues where I see everyone is driven nuts. The first one is taming technology and here we have come up with a number of mechanisms for how the costumer experience area can play nicely with the IT department. I suggest how 10 different technologies can be used to enhance the customer experience.

The ninth chapter focuses on empowering the frontline staff and creating emotional connection with the customer. This chapter looks at a lot at training and incentives but the most critical factor that doesn’t work well in most corporations is the supervisor. The role of the supervisor is not catching people doing things wrong its recognizing people for doing things right.

The final chapter is about surviving as the customer experience leader. In this chapter I suggest seven roles that a customer experience leader should be performing and two that they should be avoiding because they are keys to disaster.

Notable Quotes From The Book (18:07)

“No news is not necessarily good news.” – John A. Goodman

The Credibility/Inspiration Of The Author (0:37)

I am an engineer by trade and have been in this business for about 40 years. We started out doing research for the government and since then have worked with about 45 of the fortune 100 and a bunch of nonprofits in 17 countries around the world. We have worked literally in every industry enhancing customer service and the customer experience.

In 2009 I had written a book, Strategic Customer Service, which was how companies needed to array their operations to deliver really good customer service. In the last five years I saw technology coming in in so many areas that I felt I needed to update it.

Other Books Recommended By The Author (20:02)

In Search of Excellence by Thomas Peters and Jan Carlzon

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