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A Preview of Performing Under Pressure with Hendrie Weisinger

Performing Under Pressure

A summary of things you should know about Performing Under Pressure according to Hendrie Weisinger:


In this episode Hendrie Weisinger takes a deep dive into his and J.P. Pawliw-Fry’s book, Performing Under Pressure, where they provide solutions to the consequences of pressure management.

In their book Drs. Weisinger and Pawliw-Fry provide 22 success strategies that comprise of the latest research on neuroscience and from the experiences of over 12,000 employees at Fortune 500 companies. The goal of the book is to help you reduce pressure in your personal life and overcome diminishing performance in your professional life.

This book is perfect for entrepreneurs who consistently working on new projects are not used to working under pressure when it comes to work, school, or even sports.

The Book’s Unique Quality (4:44)

What makes it different is that most people focus simply on performance and I study the subject of pressure as a separate entity. In the first section of the book the reader will find a deep understanding of what pressure is and how it will impact our lives.

The Best Way To Engage (7:05)

The book is structured into three different sections and each section makes a contribution to the reader and gives strategies and techniques that are highly accessible. You can read the book in any order you prefer.

The Reader’s Takeaway (21:34)

It is the reality that nobody performs under pressure. The message of the book is to protect yourself against these injurious effects of pressure by learning how to apply pressure solutions and building your COTE of armor.

A Deep Dive Into The Book (9:47)

The book is structured into three parts; part one, part two, and part three. The first part really familiarizes the reader with understanding what I like to call the nature of pressure. In the first few chapters I discuss a lot of what I like to call the pressure myths dispelled. The reality is many times we do less than our best but we do not do better than our best because that would be impossible. In this first section the reader will get a complete knowledge space about everything they need to know about pressure.

Part two of the book is about what I call the pressure solutions. These are 22 strategies that are instantly accessible and the reason these work is that they reduce the negative feelings such as embarrassment, anxiety, and fear that pressure creates. These solutions help immunize you against the negative effects of pressure.

Part three deals with what we call the long-term strategies for dealing with pressure, building your COTE (confidence, optimism, tenacity, enthusiasm) of armor. The last section of the book is how to instill these attributes in yourself. We offer a blueprint for creating these traits that are highly correlated with success.

NOTE: That was just a summary. To get the full deep dive, play the audio clip at 09:47

Notable Quotes From The Book (23:18)

“Affirm yourself, be positive every day, commit to your best, and celebrate. These four simple actions will give you your best possible life and you can ride with the four horsemen.” – Hendrie Weisinger

The Credibility/Inspiration Of The Author (0:32)

I am currently living in the state of Connecticut. I am a psychologist by trade and spent much of my career working with organizations, Fortune 500 Companies, etc. around the subject of emotional intelligence, giving and taking criticism, and managing anger. I’ve taught in many business schools such as UCLA, NYU, and MIT. In the last decade I have been doing a lot of work on the subject managing pressure.

The inspiration was a collection of experiences that got me into the direction of looking at how people perform under pressure situations and why some people are able to do it effectively and some people aren’t.

Other Books Recommended By The Author (24:22)

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

More Information About This Book and The Author

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